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Mock conservatory - Outdoor blinds
Outdoor Blinds
Outdoor blinds - Custom Pergola Auckland

The ‘mock conservatory’ is the council–free option to create a self-contained area without compromising on safety. PVC or Mesh blinds commonly known as café blinds give that added bit of dry to extend the use of your pergola in any weather, all year round. Many families opt for this to give their fur babies a sheltered outdoor area.


Can be used as a sleepout or also a enclosed room


Our design and builds are unique as they use a combination of two metals, aluminium and steel. The roof framework is made from an industrial grade aluminium. Aluminium is hard-wearing yet lightweight and provides capacity to customise your roof structure to suit the shape and space of your outdoors. Whereas, for a sturdy base we use solid steel posts. Steel provides a strong base against harsh elements that can move outdoor structures. Furthermore, the steel is hot dipped galvanised, followed by powder coating to protect from elemental strains and rusting.

Once you have chosen your design, all the framework roof and base is powder coated to colour match your house. The powder coating gives the pergola a clean finish with no drip lines and protects it from the elements.The roofing sheet material options are acrylic or polycarbonate , which are available in clear or tinted colours to suit your outdoor needs.


8 years on frame structure and 5 years on workmanship warranty.

Extended manufacture warranty available up to 25 years on roofing sheets.

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